I have been involved in organising or managing various projects and events for around 20 years. Projects I have worked on from conception to realisation have included websites, documentary films, CD releases, radio station launches, retail departments, and window displays. From author signings and small gigs to week-long showcase events and conference programmes, I have organised events with attendees of between 30 and 3,000 people.

This page introduces some of the more significant ventures I have been involved with, with links to find out more about them.






Globalism Consulting (GC) is a cross-cultural communications service, that has so far focused on media products

Operating under the Globalism ethos of 'connected, diverse, peaceful', GC has assisted people and organisations from diverse backgrounds connect or communicate with new audiences.

Click on the logo on the left or the link above to find out more.






Peace Not War Japan (PNWJ) was founded in 2004 to raise awareness in Japan of peace issues and funds for local grassroots peace groups.

It was initially set up as the first overseas branch of British NGO Peace Not War, later becoming a successful operation in its own right.

Under the banner of 'Culture Is Peace', PNWJ combines traditional peace activism with music activities. Find out more by clicking on the logo on the left or the link above.






Started in 1996 as a community arts project in West Hove, Sounds Phenomenal (SP) grew to become a significant provider of music events and projects in Brighton in the early 2000's.

In its current incarnation, it serves as an online directory of Brighton and Hove-based Musicians' Services (although this is now overdue for renewal) and a limited online music label (which has has used thus far to release my own musical works).

To find out more about SP, click on the logo on the left on the link above.