Sounds Phenomenal (SP) was founded in 1996 by the Hangleton and Knoll Project, a community development initiative in West Hove, Sussex. It was initially set up for local young people to have a focus to channel their energies into, with an emphasis on non-mainstream music.

I joined as a volunteer in 2000, to help with a music industry conference, and ended up taking on the management of the organisation. This involved developing existing events and programmes, managing staff, media relations and artist liaison, sourcing partnerships, sponsors and funding opportunities, and covering all project administration.

This page profiles some of the work done as SP and the form it exists in now. Click here or on the logo on the left to go direct to the website.






The SP website provides a directory of music-related services for musicians in the Brighton and Hove area. These include rehearsal spaces, recording studios, record labels, record shops, live venues and clubs. Click on the links given here to go through to the sections directly.

Created in 2003, some of the information in the directory is now outdated. The entire SP website is intended for a major revamp in the future, but as this is a substantial amount of work, is not likely for some time. 

If you have a service that is not listed in the directory that you'd like to have in there, please use the contact form below to get in touch. I also welcome any volunteers that would like to help with updating the directory.






Sounds Phenomenal Recordings (SPR) is the imprint I've used to issue my own music, with five releases so far. Started in 2003, the first three releases were put out simultaneously, in limited numbers, to friends and family. The fourth album, a reworked version of the third one, was released in 2005 and was available on CD for a number of years from The fifth release came out at the end of 2007 and is available as a digital download from iTunes.

Visit the 'Music' page to find out more or click on the CD covers below to visit the pages of the individual acts for lyrics, videos, downloads or audio streams.


The Zamora - 'Pigeon Souvenirs' (SPRCD001)

Quagga - 'When I Grow Up, I Want To Be' (SPRCD002)

Control K - 'The Front Line' (SPRCD003)

Control K - 'The Front Line (Redux)' (SPRCD003.2)



Shelf Life - 'Best Before End' (SPRCD004) 

Stay tuned for future releases by Shelf Life and Control K








The below images are taken from promotional material produced for major SP events between 1997 and 2002. Combining music workshops with live showcases and being the first group in Brighton to organise music industry conferences, SP events have always been about providing a platform and new opportunities for young people and other musicians to grow and develop their talents. Click on the pictures below to visit different parts of the SP archive, which provide more detail about SP's work.  







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