Globalism Consulting (GC) is an occasional cross-cultural communications service that brings together my record of managing projects and events, my grounding in a range of media, and experience of working with people from widely different backgrounds.


Embassy Of Tanzania, Tokyo (2006-2008)

GC was commissioned by the Tanzanian Embassy in Japan to investigate and advise on an online tourism project, the first official Japanese-language tourism website for Tanzania. This involved:

  • Performing extensive research on Tanzania as a destination, behaviour and activities of Japanese tourists, and the Japanese travel market.

  • Sourcing and coordinating project and affiliate partnerships.

  • Devising campaign and communications frameworks, plus marketing strategy, and drafting site architecture.

  • Writing legal documents and contracts, and handling project negotiations between parties.

The site went online in 2008 and can be found here.


Glovision Inc, Tokyo (2005-2007)

GC provided an advisory service to the subtitling team of this leading provider of localised versions of non-Japanese entertainment. Transcribing services were also provided. Titles worked on included:

  • 'The Office' (BBC TV series) - both series and Christmas Special.

  • 'Extras' (BBC TV series) - DVD Special Features transcript.

  • 'Millions' (film, dir. Danny Boyle) - Director's Commentary transcript.

  • 'Inland Empire' (film, dir. David Lynch) - DVD documentary transcript.





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