I've been intensely creative for as long as I can remember, yet always seem to jump about from form to form. Starting out painting, drawing and writing, I moved on to making music, then video, and eventually into the unlimited possibilities offered by various creative software tools. I try to keep a hand in with most of these mediums as often as I can, which means there's always something on the go but I never manage to achieve mastery of any one of them!

This page introduces some of the works I have completed over the years and the categories they mainly fall into - music, writing, images and films. Click on the links given or on the pictures above to go straight through to each page.



I wrote my first set of song lyrics at 16 and put a band together with some school mates shortly after that. I've been making music in some shape or form since then, although have never really made any kind of a living from any of it.

Most of the time, it's been singing in rock 'n' roll bands, including a long stint fronting a 10-piece covers outfit. I now also make electronic music.

Below is a jukebox featuring selected works I have been involved with over the years, including Headland, The Zamora, Control K and Shelf Life.

Click on Music to learn more about some of the featured acts.





Although a picture may tell a thousand words, the pen is still mightier than the sword.

I don't remember when I started writing, but I know that it was at a very young age. Once one has a grasp of language as a tool, it can be a means of expression like no other.

Over the years, I have written magazine features and articles, short fiction, reviews, song lyrics, and even a little poetry. In time, I'll get around to at least one full-length novel too, but you can't rush these things.

Go to the Writing page to find out more and see some of my published works.







I was accepted for a place at Liverpool College of Art following school, but opted for a different path as music then grabbed me more than painting. Retaining an interest in graphic design, I often combined two callings by designing posters and artwork for the acts I was in.

Although I'd been taking photographs for several years, it wasn't until I moved to Tokyo that I got my first digital camera. This opened up a whole new world and I used it to document my travels.

Below is a gallery with some examples of my earlier painting and drawing. Click on Pictures to discover more of my work, including graphic design and photography.




In the early 90's, I took some classes in Video Production and began tinkering with a few ideas. I followed this up at university by producing my first full-length feature - a 60-minute documentary taking most of the roles myself.

Since then, I've been involved in several interesting projects. These have included things such as appearances on the BBC with The Zamora, and a small acting part in a Japanese TV show. I also make my own shorts fairly regularly and publish them as Globalism Films.

Below is an example of a short film I completed in 2011 - a tribute to Gil Scott-Heron titled 'Winter In America'. Go to Films to find out more about my film and video work.