Music is the universal language of mankind. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

While there was always plenty of music around when I was a kid, it wasn't until I discovered The Beatles for myself that it began to mean something different from just being a soundtrack to the room. From that point on, I was determined that music would play a very important role in my life and soon starting trying to put a band together.

I've since done that on several occasions since and have tried on plenty of different styles over the years too. Below are CD covers from some of my musical output. Click on a CD to go through to the act's page and find out more.



QUAGGA (1993-1999)

Quagga is the umbrella name given to the collection of acts I was part of when I started getting bands together.

It begins with Crash Fantasy and ends with Headland.


THE ZAMORA (1999-2001)

Starting out as Jaded, The Zamora played a handful of gigs around Brighton and enjoyed a short run of notoriety in the UK national media.

'Pigeon Souvenirs' collected together their recorded works.



CONTROL K (2003-pres)

After discovering the joys of how to create digital music, I began putting out electronic works under the name of Control K.

'The Front Line' was the first album release.


SHELF LIFE (2004-pres)

Shelf Life, an Anglo-Japanese rock outfit, began in a suburb of Tokyo as a covers band.

We released our debut album in 2007 and are currently in the slow process of writing our second album across the internet.



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