When Headland came to an end in 1999, I started to put another band together shortly afterwards. Steve (a friend of a friend) and I began writing some new tracks, later pulling in Pete for a beat (who also drummed in the covers band I fronted). Steve brought Justin along on bass, and when he ended up switching to lead guitar, we recruited Merlin to fill the slot through another friend. Settling on Jaded as a band name, the group played our first live show, to a private audience, in early 2000.

After recording our first demo, several other live shows followed and we won a recording session at Brighton's Metway Studios. Due to discovering another band of the same name, we decided to change ours and switched to The Zamora in honour of Brighton and Hove Albion's then star striker Bobby Zamora.

One canny press release to push our ninth show later, we got a phone call from The Sun asking if we'd like to meet up with the man. An unexpected avalanche of publicity followed, including appearances on BBC1's 'Football Focus', ITV's Meridian News, BBC Radio 5 Live and other assorted national media outlets.

Fun as our 15 minutes were, we didn't last much longer than that as a band. I collected together our recordings, adding demos and radio interviews, and released them as 'Pigeon Souvenirs - An Anthology' in 2003. 




When the rest of the archive is digitised, it'll be put here. In the meantime, below are some photos and to the right is a jukebox with some of our studio recordings, as featured in 'Pigeon Souvenirs'.

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Ray Tindle Centre photos by Dan Paton, photos from The Lift and The Freebutt by Jayne Routley. 





'Harry J (Gunslinger)'

'Harry J (Gunslinger)' was one of our most popular tracks. The title was an allusion to US prohibitionist Harry J. Anslinger.

The song references circuses, floods and travelling medicine shows to evoke a bygone era, with a Sonic Youth-esque musical backing.

This video is a mash-up of the song with some films clips taken from the BFI archive, under the terms of their Creative Archive Licence



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